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A Donut in Time: A Hanukkah Story (Saralee Siegel, 3)

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Saralee Siegel can do extraordinary things with her super-nose. But when a smell cloud sends her back in time, she could lose everything.

Saralee is stunned to learn that she's not the only one in the family with a superpower. Her great-grandmother Gigi also had a magical sense of smell. And when Saralee makes Gigi's Hanukkah donut recipe, the scent creates a portal in time.

Soon Saralee finds herself face-to-face with a young Gigi--and she's not the fierce, unstoppable person Saralee imagined. Gigi's ready to give up on her dreams. Saralee needs to help her find courage, or the future will be changed forever!

Product Details

Author: Elana Rubinstein

Language: English


Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Apples & Honey Press

Release Date: 2022-10-04

Pages: 136

ISBN: 1681155885

ISBN13: 9781681155883