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DIY Projects: Quick And Beautiful Garland Decorations For All Important Holidays!: (DIY Garland, DIY Projects For Home, Garland Ideas, DIY Ideas, Crafts From Natural Materials)

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DIY Projects: (FREE Bonus Included) Quick And Beautiful Garland Decorations For All Important Holidays!

One of the most fun things about any holiday or special occasion is getting ready for it. Pulling out all of the decorations and stringing them up around the house, laying out the presents and making the cards, inviting friends and loved ones to join in and planning parties... basically anything and everything to make ready for the special day.

What better way to announce the special occasion than with a garland? Something that you can stream around the house or across a doorway, something that you can hang in a window or place in front of a table, something that shouts out how important the day is and how everyone wants to be a part of it.

You know you love this part of decorating. You love being able to announce to the world how special the day is, and who you want to honor in the day. You know how much fun you have while you make each decoration, and all the memories you have with your friends and family as you decorate.

Some things you do are simply priceless, and that is why you want to make something extra special this year. For Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and any birthday, you know you have to make something extra special to show the world just how excited you are about the day, and how much you want your home to look beautiful because of it.

In this book, I am going to show you how to make a variety of garlands and banners, all perfect for any occasion you plan for. Whether you are making them for a holiday, a birthday, or if you want to use the idea to create something special for an occasion, you are going to find the garland or banner you need here.

  • Discover a variety of patterns for any occasion of the year
  • Customize and make each banner your own with little personal touches
  • Have fun with design your own style with the banners and garlands you choose
  • And more!

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Product Details

Author: Catherine Joy

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 2016-11-05

Pages: 42

ISBN: 1539931447

ISBN13: 9781539931447