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A Dictionary of Maqiao

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From the daring imagination of one of Chinas greatest living novelists comes a work of startling power and originalitythe story of a young man displaced to a small village in rural China during the 1960s. Told in the format of a dictionary, with a series of vignettes disguised as entries,A Dictionary of Maqiaois a novel of bold inventionand a fascinating, comic, deeply moving journey through the dark heart of the Cultural Revolution. Entries trace the wisdom and absurdities of Maqiao: the petty squabbles, family grudges, poverty, infidelities, fantasies, lunatics, bullies, superstitions, and especially the odd logic in their use of languagewhere the word for beginning is the same as the word for end; little big brother means older sister; to be scientific means to be lazy; and streetsickness is a disease afflicting villagers visiting urban areas. Filled with colorful charactersfrom a weeping ox to a man so poisonous that snakes die when they bite himA Dictionary of Maqiaois both an important work of Chinese literature and a probing inquiry into the extraordinary power of language.
Product Details

Author: Han Shaogong

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Dial Press Trade Paperback

Release Date: 2005-09-27

Pages: 416

ISBN: 0385339356

ISBN13: 9780385339353