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A Groom with a View (Jane Jeffry Mysteries, No. 11)

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Jane Jeffry is planning a wedding-but not her own. She's being paid handsomely to create the fabulous event the bride's rich daddy has always dreamed of. With the help of her friend Shelley, who thinks holding a ceremony at a remote, falling down old monastery-turned-hunt club sounds like a hoot, Jane makes plans to turn the moosehead-lined halls of the ancient abbey into a wedding wonderland. The bride, an obedient daughter who runs Daddy's business while Daddy Dearest runs her life, has agreed to play her role in the socially expected extravaganza as long as someone else handles the details. So while the florist dresses up the ancient monks' cells for overnight guests, the caterer dishes up some prenuptial food & a seamstress puts the final stitches on the gowns for the bride & bridesmaids, Jane races to tie up all the details for the weekend celebration. But before the wedding day arrives, a dark shadow falls over the hallowed halls. A violent storm has knocked the lights out & someone takes a slippery slide to sudden death. It looks like the victim had help falling down the stairs, & no one is above suspicion. There's a cranky old Uncle Joe, who lives at the lodge, a couple of demanding old aunts who arrive too early, a groom who could pass for a gigolo at a cheap casino, squabbling guests, rumors of an immense fortune hidden on the premises, & the florist is roaming around with a shovel & a greedy look in his eye. Now, surrounded by eerie noises & a perfect cast of characters for a mystery on a dark & stormy night, Jane quickly steps into the role of investigator-before she's accused of ruining the bride's big day. But before she can supply the police with a motive for murder, the ceremony begins, & someone's idea of a fantasy wedding suddenly turns into a killer of an occasion.
Product Details

Author: Jill Churchill

Language: English

Edition: (Edition: 1st)

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: William Morrow

Release Date: 1999-10-01

Pages: 224

ISBN: 038097570X

ISBN13: 9780380975709