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A Sleepless Man Might Earn Two Wages: Stories Caught Between Dusk and Dawn

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Most of these stories were written over a period covering about twenty years for the journal Praesidium under the pseudonym "J.S. Moseby." As the author explains in his preface, "Moseby" quickly came to be associated with the so-called magic-realist style. Put plainly, the stories in question often had an element of fantasy, though their narration preserved the matter-of-fact quality of a "real life" encounter. Dr. Harris insists that actual dreams usually produced the fantasy around which the rest of the story would grow; yet none of the works ever remained solely at the level of a bizarre, undirected flight. The mystery tapped in each case opened upon a source of spiritual truth: an enigma of human nature, a challenge posed by story-making to truth-telling, and even (more than once) a probe of realities beyond our earthly life.Several of these now-revised stories are exciting reads that would lend themselves to a good screenplay (e.g., "Dry Thaw" and "Equality Island"). It would be a mistake, though, to treat the books contents as light escapist fiction. They are anything but that. They have the potential, both singly and as a collection, to draw the reader into a deep consideration of the human souls complexity and its poor fit, very often, to the cut-and-dried circumstances of our material world.
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Author: John Harris

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 2018-10-05

Pages: 337

ISBN: 172676608X

ISBN13: 9781726766081