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Aiding and Abetting: A Novel

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"To callGoing After Cacciatoa novel about war is like callingMobyDicka novel about whales." So wroteThe New York Timesof Tim O'Brein'snow classic novel of Vietnam. Winner of the 1979National Book Award,Going AfterCacciatocaptures the peculiar blend of horror andhallucinatory comedy that marked this the strangestof wars. Reality and fantasy merge in thisfictional account of one private's sudden discussion tolay down his rifle and begin a quixotic journeyfrom the of Indochina to the streets of Paris. WillCacciato make it all the way? Or will he be yetanother casualty of a conflict that seems to have noend? In its memorable evocation of men bothfleeing and meeting the demands of the battle,Going After Cacciatostands as much morethan just a great war novel. Ultimately it's aboutthe forces of fear and heroism that do battle inthe hearts of us all.
Product Details

Author: Muriel Spark

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Anchor

Release Date: 2002-03-12

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0385720904

ISBN13: 9780385720908