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An Introduction to Knot Theory (Graduate Texts in Mathematics, 175)

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This volume is an introduction to mathematical Knot Theory; the theory of knots and links of simple closed curves in three-dimensional space. It consists of a selection of topics which graduate students have found to be a successful introduction to the field. Three distinct techniques are employed; Geometric Topology Manoeuvres, Combinatorics, and Algebraic Topology. Each topic is developed until significant results are achieved and chapters end with exercises and brief accounts of state-of-the-art research. What may reasonably be referred to as Knot Theory has expanded enormously over the last decade and while the author describes important discoveries throughout the twentienth century, the latest discoveries such as quantum invariants of 3-manifolds as well as generalisations and applications of the Jones polynomial are also included, presented in an easily understandable style. Thus this constitutes a comprehensive introduction to the field, presenting modern developments in the context of classical material. Readers are assumed to have knowledge of the basic ideas of the fundamental group and simple homology theory although explanations throughout the text are plentiful and well-done. Written by an internationally known expert in the field, this volume will appeal to graduate students, mathematicians and physicists with a mathematical background who wish to gain new insights in this area.
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Author: W.B.Raymond Lickorish

Language: English

Edition: (Edition: 1)

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Springer

Release Date: 1997-10-03

Pages: 214

ISBN: 038798254X

ISBN13: 9780387982540