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An Introduction to Logic - Second Edition: Using Natural Deduction, Real Arguments, a Little History, and Some Humour

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The second edition will be available in late Fall 2016.

Richard Arthurs An Introduction to Logic provides a wide-ranging introduction to logic. In lively and readable prose, Arthur presents a new approach to the study of logic, one that seeks to integrate methods of argument analysis developed in modern "informal logic" with natural deduction techniques. The dry bones of logic are given flesh by unusual attention to the history of the subject, from Pythagoras, the Stoics, and Indian Buddhist logic, through Lewis Carroll, Venn, and Boole, to Russell, Frege, and Monty Python. A previous edition of this book appeared under the title Natural Deduction. This new edition adds clarifications of the notions of explanation, validity and formal validity, a more detailed discussion of derivation strategies, and another rule of inference, Reiteration. More exercises have also been added, and others have been updated and replaced.

Product Details

Author: Richard T.W. Arthur

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Broadview Press

Release Date: 2016-11-30

Pages: 456

ISBN: 1554813328

ISBN13: 9781554813322