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Analysis: Grades 5-10 (Task Card Series)

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Many businesses are achieving remarkable results by harnessing existing workforce potential to keep up with fluctuating global business demands. Outside facilitators often serve as the necessary catalyst to involve employees in a more participatory corporate environment. Case studies in PARTICIPATION WORKS (from Brazil, India, the U.K., Russia, Guatemala, Singapore & the U.S.) illustrate how creating this participative work environment has enabled companies to expand market share, redirect goals to emerging customer needs & increase productivity & performance. The companies in this book are part of a groundswell of businesses which have come to see that when people have a stake in deciding the outcome of a process or product, they are more likely to be committed to its successful completion. Written by management consultants who have worked in varied international corporate settings, contributors discuss how they addressed critical issues, designed ways for management & employees to find common ground to deal with corporate crisis & effected the change process. The contributors also discuss the ways they used the technologies of participation as designed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs, a global social & corporate change organization. Tapping into their worldwide network of facilitators who have developed participatory methods over the last 20 years in 30 countries, the ICA enjoys consultative status with several United Nations agencies.
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Author: Ronald Jay Marson

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Tops Learning Systems

Release Date: 2019-04-19

Pages: 50

ISBN: 0941008800

ISBN13: 9780941008808