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And Baby Makes Four: A Trimester-by-Trimester Guide to a Baby-Friendly Dog

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Having a baby should be an exciting and celebratory time for parents-to-be. However, if there is a pet in the household, there may be concern about how he will react to a newborn addition to the family. And Baby Makes Four provides expecting parents with straightforward instructions on how to prepare the family dog for a new baby's arrival. Written by a behaviorist and mother, this useful guide helps to address specific pet behaviors that may concern parents-to-be, including possessiveness, jealousy, fear of new people and new situations, inappropriate jumping, and chewing on baby toys. The chapters are arranged chronologically by trimester, continuing through childbirth and the arrival of the newborn baby, to help your dog adjust to changes in the home. The book also features an assortment of contemporary, eye-catching illustrations that highlight and define key information from the text. If you wish to guide your pet through your pregnancy and help ensure a loving relationship between him and your new baby, And Baby Makes Four can show you how to be a leader to your dog while reinforcing his status within the family dynamic.
Product Details

Author: Penny Scott-fox, Uncredited ghostwriter

Language: English


Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: TFH Publications

Release Date: 2007-08-01

Pages: 95

ISBN: 0793805678

ISBN13: 9780793805679