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Angels and Companions in Spirit

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Angels are beings of an exalted order. For the most part their activity goes beyond the scope of everyday human concerns. Yet many of us have felt their presence. Socrates had his daemon. William Blake received artistic guidance from his departed brother. Spirit guides are frequently termed guardian angels, but it's much more accurate to describe them as helpers and comforters, mentors and companions. Laeh Maggie Garfield, nationally known teacher and healer, says her own spirit helper promises "faith, love, creativity, joyous self-expression and the flow of abundance" in this fascinating introduction to working with your own guardian angel and other spirit companions.
Product Details

Author: Laeh M. Garfield

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Celestial Arts

Release Date: 1995-02-01

Pages: 180

ISBN: 089087753X

ISBN13: 9780890877531