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Atlas Of American Military History

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From the Battle of Bunker Hill to the Battle of Midway, from Vietnam to the Persian Gulf, from George Washington to Douglas MacArthur, "Atlas of American Military History covers the full span of America at war, exploring the personalities, methods, strategies, and historical contexts of each conflict. More current and accessible than any similar title on the topic, this volume provides bountiful full-color maps accompanied by an insightful textual narrative. The maps and text are well integrated and complement each other nicely, giving readers access to information on important topics covered in a comprehensive and authoritative manner. Following a loose chronological framework, "Atlas of American Military History examines every significant military campaign and war in which the United States has been engaged, both domestically and internationally, from the French and Indian War up to and including the latest war in Iraq. Full of fascinating information that will interest students and general readers alike,,this book also covers military methods, weaponry, and communication technology. The wide range of topics and detailed text and maps otter a thorough, fascinating treatment of all aspects of U.S. military history.
Product Details

Author: Stuart Murray

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Checkmark Books

Release Date: 2005-01-01

Pages: 248

ISBN: 0816062218

ISBN13: 9780816062218