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Avenging Home (The Survivalist)

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In "Enforcing Home" Morgan and his group suffered some loss. They discovered their old foes werent gone as theyd thought. Not only were they not gone, they were now stronger than before. Morgan would have to deal with this threat, while at the same time trying to restore some sort of quality of life back to his community. But this isnt going to be easy. With the bombing at the market and wounding of his daughter Taylor, it became all too clear to Morgan that he was once again in a fight for the lives of those that matter most to him. Taylor was injured and would need care for some time. It wouldnt be easy. Added to that, was the realization that he would have to deal with second-guessing himself. Was it his fault that she was now hurt? In "Avenging Home" we see how this long-running battle between Morgans people and their number one nemesis plays out. While Morgan thinks this is the biggest threat they face, there are things on the horizon he cannot yet see that are going to dwarf these problems. Morgan has lived in a vacuum. Hes had little information about the outside world. While hes used radios to listen to what he can, theres been precious little real information. But now hes found what he believes to be a reliable source, and knows when and where to listen. But is it valid? Or is it simply propaganda? News and information can be powerful tools; but they must always be taken in context to make an educated decision. And the challenge is that theres only one source. When you have to make decisions that mean the difference between life and death, the process becomes even more critical. So, well follow Morgan and his tightly knit group as they are once again in the fight. Will they finally defeat the Federal thugs in their backyard? And more importantly, what will be the cost?
Product Details

Author: A. American

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Angery American Enterprises Inc.

Release Date: 2016-02-24

Pages: 330

ISBN: 0996696016

ISBN13: 9780996696012