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Baseline Road

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Southern California, May 1970. In the turmoil following Nixon's Cambodia invasion and the Kent State killings, a young economics professor is killed in a campus bombing. Authorities conclude she was an unintended victim and arrest a known radical. Case closed. Nearly two years have passed when an old hippie says, "The Claremont bombings, the FBI pigs got it all wrong," to Jimmy Sommes, a San Bernardino County homicide investigator and country-rock fiddler, at one of Jimmy's gigs. Sommes and Claremont Detective Carol Loomis look into the case and realize that things are not as they seem. Shadowy figures emerge, including Collins, a vicious but troubled hitman. Was it a cleverly disguised murder? Jimmy and Carol, both enmeshed in improbable romantic relationships with characters who are possible suspects, believe the answer may be found on Baseline Road, a lonely stretch of highway that time has forgotten.
Product Details

Author: Orlando Davidson

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Artemesia Publishing, LLC

Release Date: 2023-01-24

Pages: 298

ISBN: 1951122445

ISBN13: 9781951122447