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Battle of the Atlantic

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This is the first volume chronologically, but the second in order of publication, of Captain Morisons "shooting history." The first to be published was Volume II, "Operations in North African Waters, October 1942-June 1943," of which Fletcher Pratt wrote in the "New York Sun," "If the remaining volumes are up to the level of this one, it will stand not only as the most complete, but also the most readable work of its kind ever published."

The present book deals with the defense of our own shores and ships. It describes the gradual emergence of the Navy from the neutrality patrol and Western Hemisphere defense, through the "short-of-war" phases to full-fledged war with Germany and Italy. Much of it is devoted to the history of transatlantic, coastal, Russian, Caribbean and Brazilian convoys, and to the war on the U-boats. There are chapters on the fearful ordeal of the North Russian run, on the experiences of lonely merchantmen with Naval Armed Guards, on operations off the coast of Brazil, and on auxiliary efforts such as the Coastal Picket Patrol by sailing yachts (the "Hooligans"), the Mystery Ships, and the Civil Air Patrol.

Product Details

Author: Samuel Eliot Morison

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Release Date: 1947-01-30

Pages: 434

ISBN: 0316583014

ISBN13: 9780316583015