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Bridging Medicine and Miracles: Essential Truths, Key Practices, and a New Perspective on Health and Healing

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"I am writing to people who desire a higher level of health and want to live to the best of their ability, for those young adults who are just beginning to take charge of and be proactive about their health, and for those in any age group who may be experiencing a health challenge or mystery symptoms that traditional medicine cannot explain. I am writing to those who are looking for answers and a better way to take care of themselves."
The Author, Susan Jeffrey Busen

Are you tired of treating a problem that never seems to improve?

Have you ever wondered if technology could be harming you?

Have you questioned the safety of what you feed your body and mind?

Do you want to be more proactive about your health and take control of your life in a more meaningful way?

If so, this is the right book for you! Bridging Medicine and Miracles offers simple solutions to help you find a better way to heal or stay healthy. Susan Jeffrey Busen shares decades of wisdom and explains how our food, practices, environment, and mindset impact our health. The truth is that miracles are not as mystical as we think, and healing is within reach for each of us. They are the culmination of the choices we make. We are all born healers, and have the ability to dive deep into the world of personal health to build a bridge between traditional and non-traditional healing. Self-care, spirituality, belief, and understanding the limitations of our healthcare system can help to pave a more thoughtful and impactful path to optimal health.

This book provides transformational tools for improving health and well-being. Bridging Medicine and Miracles helps readers better understand their bodies, their minds, and then make informed decisions utilizing a different type of mindset grounded in the spiritual nature of healing. By focusing on topics like hidden toxins, the impact of technology on our health, and working towards ethical consumerism, this book finds a meaningful balance between commonly accepted medical practices and forward thinking wellness habits.

Through research, personal stories, insights, and thoughtful ideas, Busen guides you to implement a new approach to health and wellness that is integrative, fulfilling, and grounded in meaningful change.
Product Details

Author: Susan Jeffrey Busen

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Susan Busen

Release Date: 2018-02-14

Pages: 308

ISBN: 0982069758

ISBN13: 9780982069752