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Buddy Babylon: The Autobiography of Buddy Cole

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His outrageous monologues made him a legend on tv'sThe Kids in the Hall.Now he's back--with the life story only he could tell. "My goal is not to shock and horrify, but to tell the truth.And if that truth shocks and horrifies, well ...maybe you should get out more." Spinning martini-fueled tales from his stool in his favorite gay bar, acid-tongued raconteur Buddy Cole became one ofThe Kids in the Hall's most beloved and enduring characters.Now, brought to you byKidsstar Scott Thompson with series writer Paul Bellini,Buddy Babylontakes you on a jaw-dropping tour of Buddy's flashy, trashy life, filled with tales of poignant, heart-wrenching romance, lurid sexual debauchery, the birth of synchronized swimming, and the ugly, never-before-revealed truth behind the Prettiest Feet in Quebec contest. Join Marco (Buddy's cosmetically challenged sidekick), Cornygirl (the loyal corncob doll who rarely leaves his side), and a cast of unforgettably offbeat characters as Buddy blazes a trail across the deep Canadian forest, through the darkest corners of the big city, and back to his signature barstool.From his humble beginnings as the twenty-third child of poor pig farmers, to his moment in the spotlight in the tabloids,Buddy Babylonlays bare a lifetime of madness, chaos, and things your mother warned you about--the essential Buddy Cole. AfterKids'six-year run on CBS, HBO, Comedy Central, and the CBC in Canada, Scott Thompson joined the cast of the critically acclaimed HBO seriesThe Larry Sanders Show.He is also a frequent guest onPolitically IncorrectandThe Late Show,and continues to do stand-up comedy, which includes performances in the character of Buddy Cole.
Product Details

Author: Scott Thompson

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Dell

Release Date: 1998-05-11

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0440508282

ISBN13: 9780440508281