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Business, Accounting & Finance Problem Solver (Problem Solvers Solution Guides)

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Each Problem Solver is an insightful and essential study and solution guide chock-full of clear, concise problem-solving gems. All your questions can be found in one convenient source from one of the most trusted names in reference solution guides. More useful, more practical, and more informative, these study aids are the best review books and textbook companions available. Nothing remotely as comprehensive or as helpful exists in their subject anywhere. Perfect for undergraduate and graduate studies. Here in this highly useful reference is the finest overview of business, accounting, and finance currently availablea, with hundreds of business, accounting, and finance problems that cover everything from advanced math skills to economic theories and from financial management theories to accounting skills. Each problem is clearly solved with step-by-step detailed solutions. DETAILS - The PROBLEM SOLVERS are unique - the ultimate in study guides. - They are ideal for helping students cope with the toughest subjects. - They greatly simplify study and learning tasks. - They enable students to come to grips with difficult problems by showing them the way, step-by-step, toward solving problems. As a result, they save hours of frustration and time spent on groping for answers and understanding. - They cover material ranging from the elementary to the advanced in each subject. - They work exceptionally well with any text in its field. - PROBLEM SOLVERS are available in 41 subjects. - Each PROBLEM SOLVER is prepared by supremely knowledgeable experts. - Most are over 1000 pages. - PROBLEM SOLVERS are not meant to be read cover to cover. They offer whatever may be needed at a given time. An excellent index helps to locate specific problems rapidly. - Educators consider the PROBLEM SOLVERS the most effective and valuable study aids; students describe them as "fantastic" - the best books on the market. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Chapter 1: Basic Math Skills Addition and Subtraction Multiplication Division Averages Ratios and Percents Conversion of Units Chapter 2: Taxes Sales Tax Income Tax Property Tax Chapter 3: Insurance Life Insurance Social Security Health Insurance Automobile Insurance Fire Insurance Chapter 4: Intermediate Math Skills Algebraic Equations Cost, Revenue, and Production Functions Chapter 5: Economic Theory Microeconomics Indifference and Demand Curve Analysis Production and Cost Functions Perfect and Imperfect Competition Macroeconomics Production Possibilities Frontiers Keynesian Macroeconomics Monetary Problems Chapter 6: Advanced Math Skills Rate of Change: Marginal Costs and Revenue Cost Minimization Profit Maximization Through Production Adjustments Profit Maximization Through Price Adjustments MANAGEMENT THEORY AND SKILLS Chapter 7: Payroll Wage Rates and Gross Earnings Chapter 8: Commissions Chapter 9: Advertising Rate Per Advertisement Milline Rate Chapter 10: Transportation Shipping and Mailing Vehicle Rental Chapter 11: Wholesale Discounts Discounts and Discount Rates Series Discounts Terms of Discounts Chapter 12: Retailing Retailing Markdowns and Discounts Markups Chapter 13: Purchasing Decisions Chapter 14: Analysis of Costs and Profits Fundamentals Present Worth Rate of Return Chapter 15: Corporate Operations Costs and Price Sales and Corporate Income Accounting Systems ACCOUNTING SKILLS Chapter 16: Balance Sheets Structure of the Balance Sheet Journals, Ledgers, and Trial Balances Rates and Ratios Chapter 17: Financial Statements Ratios and Minor Documents
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Author: Editors of REA

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Research & Education Association

Release Date: 1978-12-31

Pages: 1008

ISBN: 0878915168

ISBN13: 9780878915163