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Cajun Cuisine: Authentic Cajun Recipes from Louisiana's Bayou Country

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CAJUN CUISINE is a classic and the standard on authentic Cajun cooking with over 200,000 in print. The book is widely acclaimed for quality and authenticity by Louisiana food writers and has been featured by the AP and UPI food magazines and many other publications. Four career Cajun home economists and more than ten practitioners of traditional, authentic Cajun cooking and a former President of the Louisiana Press Association all served as advisors in the production of the book. CAJUN CUISINE offers exotic and succulent dishes which are Cajun classics, such as couche-couche, pain perdue, maque choux, gumbos, etoufees, fricasses and jambalayas. ("Jomba" was originally a native method of cooking meat and fish, and was shared with Acadian homemakers who added rice and produced jambalaya). "The 'Key' word here is 'authentic' and this cookbook contains true Cajun recipes; ones that have been handed down through the years in old Acadian families. These are the foods that you will find on the tables in real Cajun homes, not just recipes some chef calls 'Cajun cooking'."--Betty Bernard, Lake Charles, Louisiana, THE LAKE CHARLES AMERICAN PRESS. Available through Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Forrest Sales, 4157 St. Louis St., New Orleans, LA 70119 (1-800-346-2106 nationwide, in Louisiana or direct from Beau Bayou Publishing Company, P.O. Box 53089, Lafayette, LA 70505 (1-3337769-1272); $$22.50 plus $5.00 shippingand and handling. State of Louisiana residents add 4% sales tax.
Product Details

Author: W. Thomas Angers

Language: English


Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Beau Bayou Pub Co

Release Date: 1985-10-01

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0935619003

ISBN13: 9780935619003