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CatStronauts: Robot Rescue (CatStronauts, 4)

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In the fourth book in the CatStronauts graphic novel series, the stalwart Cat-Stro-Bot is stranded, and the CatStronauts have to stage an off the books robot rescue!

Cat-Stro-Bot has been with the CatStronauts through it all. But now hes stranded on Jupiters coldest moon after a mission gone wrong--and his best friend/creator Blanket isnt about to leave him behind. When CATSUP refuses Blankets rescue mission request, he creates robo-stand-ins for the team so they can sneak off into space. Soon, the rest of the CatStronauts, Major Meowser, Pom Pom and Waffles, are off on their longest journey ever with experimental new technology. The robot rescue is afoot! In this full-color graphic novel, author/illustrator Drew Brockington takes the CatStronauts to new heights, adding in mounds of robot glitches, wonky cover-ups, and fish jokes by the ton!
Product Details


Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Little, Brown Ink

Release Date: 2018-04-24

Pages: 184

ISBN: 0316307564

ISBN13: 9780316307567