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Christian the Lion

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Do you hear that, little fellow? Ace asked the lion cub excitedly. You're coming with us! As two friends are searching for holiday gifts in London, they come across the most unbelievable sight--a lion cub for sale in Harrods, the famous department store! Unable to bear the thought of leaving the cub, Ace and John take him home and name him Christian. A year of fun and mischief later, Christian has grown up, and Ace and John realize that their pet needs to be among other lions and deserves to live free, in his natural environment. Luckily, the friends meet a couple who offers to help them introduce Christian to the African wild. Christian the Lion not only tells the riveting true story of one animal's ability to adapt to life in the wild, but also lifts readers' spirits by capturing the unexpectedly enduring connection between man and beast. Includes a 16-page color and black and white photo insert and a 16-page insert with Fun Facts About Christian and more! From the Hardcover edition.
Product Details

Author: John Rendall, Anthony Bourke

Language: English


Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers

Release Date: 2009-03-10

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0385738560

ISBN13: 9780385738569