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Collision Of Worlds: A Priest's Life

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An Episcopal priest maintains that "earth becomes the womb of heaven so that God may be born in the manger of human experience". This book blesses the earthy and calls the church to cease being so lofty and pious. It encourages us to remove the wall that designates a church building as holy and the local bar as secular. Serving as a clergyman for over 45 years, Charles Colwell has seen first hand how the Christian walk can be a bumpy trail and how those bumps become places of great blessing. Doubt becomes merely another facet of faith, not its opposite, and is to be honored. Even our most desperate moments have a way of readying us for a discovery of Gods power in our weakness as the gift of Gods radical grace transforms us from broken people into empowered pilgrims on the road requiring us to challenge our myopic views of those of other faiths. "Collision of Worlds" separates what is essential rock from what is shifting sand as the author fearlessly addresses: dogmatism, the interpretation of scripture, the gay issue, hell-and, believe it or not the presence of ghosts. This book is fresh, daring, and offers a challenge to believers as well as those who may be sitting on the fence.
Product Details

Author: Charles R. Colwell

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: iUniverse

Release Date: 2008-05-13

Pages: 134

ISBN: 0595480047

ISBN13: 9780595480043