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You Deserve to Be Rewarded. Earn points on every purchase. Rewards Page
You Deserve to Be Rewarded. Earn points on every purchase. Rewards Page

Consulting Interviews Guaranteed!: How to land a job with PwC, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, McKinsey and any other major consulting firms

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The author draws upon years of experience in the consultancy field, and a range of inside information not available anywhere else, to advise budding consultants on the best approaches to be successful in attracting large consulting firms. Aside from the main focus of the book, the writer has also taken the time to provide a wealth of different experiences, observations and insights from years of being embroiled in the industry. These can sometimes be serious and sometimes light-hearted, but they are always informative and shrewd. The book also explains many of the myths that people may believe about consultancy firms, consulting interviews, how to find a job, the occupation, and offers a range of practical advice regarding how people can develop and communicate the qualities required to be attractive to consulting firms. Consultancy is a much sought after and well remunerated field, and is consequently extremely competitive. Those hoping to make a career out of this industry would all be advised to buy this book in order to help them make the first and most important step in this challenging journey of how to find a job in consulting. This books primary aim is to help readers acquire interviews with consulting firms and not intended to those who already have consulting interviews scheduled.
Product Details

Author: Andrew Morssen

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 2015-07-06

Pages: 42

ISBN: 1514867826

ISBN13: 9781514867822