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Coyote Warrior: One Man, Three Tribes, and the Trial That Forged a Nation

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The last of a tribal chairman's ten children, Raymond Cross was six when the waters behind the Garrison Dam closed over his home. This massive public work flooded the rich bottomlands that had sustained North Dakota's Three Affiliated Tribes for a thousand years.As the waters rose, the government dispersed the tribes-young Raymond among them-to distant cities. His father, who had spent years fighting the dam, was left behind, a broken man. At his father's graveside, Raymond Cross found his path.After Yale Law, after winning landmark cases on behalf of other tribes, Cross returned to his homeland to fight for his own shattered people. His journey led him back to the Congress his father had battled 40 years before, and into the chambers of the Supreme Court.There, the descendent of the chief who had saved the lives of Lewis and Clark would lay the case for the survival of Indian Country at the feet of nine justices wearing the black robes of the nation's highest court.
Product Details

Author: Paul Van Develder

Language: English

Edition: (Edition: 1ST)

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Release Date: 2004-08-25

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0316896896

ISBN13: 9780316896894