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Cuba Confidential: Love and Vengeance in Miami and Havana

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From Americas number one Cuba reporter, PEN awardwinning investigative journalist Ann Louise Bardach, comes the big book on Cuba weve all been waiting for. An incisive and spirited portrait of the twentieth centurys wiliest political survivor and his fiefdom,Cuba Confidentialis the gripping story of the shattered families and warring personalities that lie at the heart of the forty-three-year standoff between Miami and Havana. Famous to many Americans for her cover stories and media appearances, Ann Louise Bardach has been covering Cuba for a decade. Shes talked to the crooks, spooks and politicians who have made history, and to their hired assassins and confidants. Based on exclusive interviews with Fidel Castro, his sister Juanita, his former brother-in-law Rafael Daz-Balart, the family of Elin Gonzlez, the friends and family of the legendary American fugitive Robert Vesco, the intrepid terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, and the inner circles of Jeb Bush and the late exile leader Jorge Mas Canosa,Cuba Confidentialexposes the hardball take-no-prisoners tactics of the Cuban exile leadership, and its manipulation and exploitation by ten American presidents. Bardach homes in on Fidel Castro and his cronies, taking us closer than weve ever beenand on the militant exiles who have devoted their lives, with CIA connivance, to trying to eliminate him. From Calle Ocho to Juan Miguel Gonzlezs kitchen table in Crdenas, from Guantnamo Bay to Union City to Washington, D.C., Ann Louise Bardach serves up an unforgettable portrait of Cuba and its exiles. From the Hardcover edition.
Product Details

Author: Ann Louise Bardach

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Vintage

Release Date: 2003-10-14

Pages: 464

ISBN: 0385720521

ISBN13: 9780385720526