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Cubicle Warfare: Self-Defense Tactics for Today's Hypercompetitive Workplace

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Spying on your co-workers, sleeping your way to the top, backstabbing, brownnosing, sabotageall seem to be fair in today?s supercompetitive workplace. So don?t get madget ready! This book is your survival guide for today?s corporate reality. Be prepared, or be prepared to become a casualty. Cubicle Warfare: Maps out the field of battle in your office Helps you review your own strengths and weaknesses and those of your opponents Details every low-down, sleazy tactic and how to defend yourself against them all Identifies the types of cubicle warriors you?ll find in every office and equips you to deal with them Profiles the seven personality types found in every officethe Aggressors, Survivalists, Career Politicians, and others And much, much more! Cubicle Warfare is the book your colleagues don?t want you to read. It?s your best defensive for survival in the office warsand your best offensive strategy for achieving your goals.
Product Details

Author: Blaine Pardoe

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Three Rivers Press

Release Date: 1997-08-20

Pages: 256

ISBN: 0761510664

ISBN13: 9780761510666