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Death of a Dream Maker (Partners in Crime Mysteries #3)

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MURDER IS SUDDENLY VERY FASHIONABLE IN MANHATTAN'S GARMENT DISTRICT Max Rosenbloom, multimillionaire owner of Max Rose Fashions, is on his way to see his former flame Lil when he's killed in a car bomb explosion that rocks New York's fashion district. Because he's filthy rich and in the mob-controlled rag trade, there's no end to suspects. But the list becomes one less when Max's favorite nephew turns up dead in his uncle's freshly dug grave. Eighty-something Auntie Lil and her own nephew T. S. Hubbert set forth on a dangerous quest that takes them from the sophisticated world of fashion to the lethal underworld of murderous thugs, and from the white-collar realm of corporate embezzlers to the skeleton-stuffed closets of unloving relatives. The two sleuths just hope they can solve the murder and clear Max's name before the killer gets to them.... "AUNTIE LIL IS DELIGHTFULLY FEISTY." --Publishers Weekly
Product Details

Author: Gallagher Gray

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Fawcett

Release Date: 1995-05-31

Pages: 0

ISBN: 0804112479

ISBN13: 9780804112475