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Delivering Doctor Amelia: The Story of a Gifted Young Obstetrician's Error and the Psychologist Who Helped Her

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Voices are a souls signature, says psychologist Dan Shapiro, who in his daily practice hears plenty of them. For all his expertise, he admits hes still terrified that someone will keep something from me, and when they tell me the truth, Ill be useless. Treating other physicians has become one of Shapiros specialties. When the obstetrician Amelia Sorvino seeks his helpdistraught that her own medical error could have injured a patients baby Shapiro finds his talents as counselor and healer pushed to their limits. Session by session, he works to discover the sources of Amelias anguish--for his own sake as much as hers: hes familiar with the burden of a doctors guilt, and he has seen how loss and trauma, if unchecked, can echo from generation to generation in a family. In this probing, intensely personal memoir, the words Physician, heal thyself assume a fresh and moving urgency.
Product Details

Author: Dan Shapiro

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Vintage

Release Date: 2004-07-13

Pages: 272

ISBN: 1400032571

ISBN13: 9781400032570