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Destiny Talks: 21 Brave Conversations with Sonia Hassey (The Women Empowerment Edition)

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I have been interviewing women for the past year, and have personally discovered such transformation in women that have struggled against all odds. They rose up in their courage and went after their dreams. I believe these stories of struggle and success need to be shared for the purpose of inspiring others to believe that they have a purpose on this planet and to know that their circumstances do not define them. This book is dedicated to all the women that have aspired to live their dream and to believe that they can reach their greatest potential. Many women allow fear, doubt, or circumstance to stop them. Owning our story and loving ourselves in the process is the bravest thing we can do. The goal is to rise from our falls and overcome the mistakes that bring us more wisdom and ultimately lead us to our destiny.Our life is made up of our story: we can run from it, or we can have the courage to face it. We can be willing to get vulnerable to allow us to process each challenge with authenticity and understanding. Being in our ultimate truth is key to our healing, clarity, and courage to bring transformation to our lives. Facing your giants of fear can be the beginning of your transformation. Being in your truth about who you are and where you want to go is the beginning of rising up to your greatness. Our pain eventually becomes a stepping stone to strength, character, and fulfillment when we overcome what holds us back. Remember when you were a child and you dreamed of being a star or a doctor? If you think about it, the ideas that came out of our heads were without limits, and we dreamed big! Unfortunately, those dreams sometimes dim over time through difficult circumstances, or by the negative messages that we hear from others or that we tell ourselves. When that happens, confidence is shattered and we can believe that all hope is lost. Its a belief that holds us back, and for some women, it can feel permanent. I have been there and I fully understand what its like to feel like you cant accomplish much because you dont feel worthy. Its like youre alive, but not really living. This book is about women that have faced failure and setbacks, but through it all, they never quit! They never gave up on hope to reach their greatest potential. Their stories show that you can think creatively and discover the ability to lead with confidence. Now they are doing great things for themselves and their community, and ultimately leaving a lasting legacy!
Product Details

Author: Sonia Hassey

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Sonia Hassey

Release Date: 2019-03-30

Pages: 489

ISBN: 0578218348

ISBN13: 9780578218342