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Dictionary of High School BS: From Acne to Varsity, All the Funny, Lame, and Annoying Aspects of High School Life

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Broken down in handy A-to-Z fashion, this uncensored, sarcastic, and sharp-witted dictionary gives the lowdown on all of your favorite and not-so-favorite aspects of high school, from prom, hooking up, and graduation to acne, standardized tests, and school shrinks. At a price even a babysitters income can afford (and in a light paperback format that won't weigh down your backpack),The Dictionary of High School B.S.nbsp;is an entertaining guide to the ridiculous rules, irritating people, and ongoing dramas that fill four of the most awkward, exciting, and downright confusing years of your life. Each entry begins with a straight definition followed by a series of humorous alternate meanings. For example: fund-raising (v) 1. the selling of all kinds of crap in order to subsidize a school activity or group, such as a class trip or the cheerleading squad. 2. carrying around a box of overpriced candy or a catalog for wrapping paper and begging people to buy stuff they dont need. 3. in some cases, going door to door in ones neighborhood, holding a car wash, or, if one gets desperate, putting up a lemonade stand. 4. asking parents to ask/force their friends and coworkers to fork over some money or, if they cant be bothered to do that, just write a check themselves for that whole box of candy and eat it or throw it away. Of course, this dictionary probably wont help you avoid all of the B.S. that comes with high school. But it might make it all a little easier to laugh at. Excerpt A acne (n)also known as zits. 1. facial eruptions that are simultaneously infuriating, fascinating, and gross. 2. a massive source of embarrassment, especially when the bumps are huge, red, and resistant to benzoyl peroxide and concealer, the latter of which just makes them worse and, ironically, more noticeable. 3. a personal affect that will leave your friends assuring you "Its not that noticeable" before your big date, but theyre probably lying; everyone notices it, but they dont care as much as you do. after school (n) 1. the time between your last class of the day and dinner. 2. an interim during which any number of things can happen, such as going to sports practice or school play rehearsal, studying, watching cable, eating junk food at a friends house, making out with your boyfriend or girlfriend while youre supposed to be studying, updating your MySpace/Facebook page, or just hanging out. 3. an ominous threat, indicating your butt will be kicked at that time (as in "See you after school"). alcohol (n) 1. an intoxicating liquid in the form of beer, wine, or hard liquor such as gin, vodka, or rum. 2. a substance many kids consider an essential element of a good party and therefore go to great lengths to obtain, opting to either steal it from parents, ask an older sibling (or some random person on the street) to buy it for them, or attempt to purchase it with a fake ID. 3. the cause of countless teenagers getting wasted, hooking up, puking, doing something they will later regret, getting grounded, or all of the above. all-nighter (n) 1. the experience of staying up all night. 2. a frantic evening spent studying for an exam in a subject that one knows nothing about; includes the slamming down of Red Bull, coffee, and/or junk food while attempting (in vain) to read ones handwriting from two months ago, desperately calling friends for help to understand obscure concepts, profiling the teacher in an effort to divine the material he or she will include on the test, and strategically skimmingA Tale of Two Cities(or similar material). 3. alternate use: a night spent socializing i.e., partying, watching movies, or playing video games&am
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Author: Lois Beckwith

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Zest Books

Release Date: 2008-08-01

Pages: 120

ISBN: 0979017394

ISBN13: 9780979017391