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Dog Training For Dummies

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'Easy to read and full of tips for the new owner, as well as the experienced one.' Valerie Rutledge, professional dog trainer 'An exceptionally informative volume on behavior and training. You'll learn as much about yourself as you will about your dog.' - Joel Gavriele-Gold, Ph.D., author of When Pets Come Between Partners 'It can be read cover to cover (as I did) or used as a well-organized reference guide. It packs an amazing amount of knowledge into a remarkably portable volume.' - Bob Payne, certified kennel operator and professional dog trainer Understand your dog's drives and how to use them in training The quick, easy, and fun way to make training succeed for you and your dog All dogs need training to live peacefully among humans. This book's clear, step-by-step instructions show you how to train your dog, from housetraining and socializing your puppy to teaching your adult dog fun new tricks. Discover how to: Teach your dog basic commands Eliminate unwanted behaviors Make training fun and effective Choose the right training equipment Live in harmony with your dog Get smart! Attention pet owners! Get free Dummies Daily?e-mail newsletters Sign up for tips on dogs, cats, or birds Keep your pet healthy and content - the Dummies Way
Product Details

Author: Wendy Volhard, Jack Volhard

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: For Dummies

Release Date: 2001-01-29

Pages: 408

ISBN: 0764552864

ISBN13: 9780764552861