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Dream Children: Stories

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"Compelling, beautiful. . .Miraculous. . . Astonishing. . . So deeply satisfying, as to be breathtaking." --The Philadelphia Inquirer In fifteen extraordinary and lyrical short stories, esteemed novelist Gail Godwin has created worlds in which we discover ourselves as lovers, mothers, wives, and friends. Carefully, delicately, Ms. Godwin peels back the layers of defense and reveals women who search for meaning and connection in a world of abstraction and isolation. In "Dream Children," a reckless young wife finds herself unable to separate from the child she has lost; in "My Love, His Summer Vacation," the mistress of a married man so closely follows his every action that she has no life of her own; and in "Indulgences," a woman makes a list of her lovers, only to wonder if she can love. A keen observer of both heart and mind, Ms. Godwin has conjured up a stunning collection of stories that strike at the center of our lives. "In Dream Children, Gail Godwin shows her capabilities as a clear-seeing uncoverer of thought. . . . What she knows about the workings of the human mind as it deals with grand tragedies, tiny sorrows, she knows with conviction." --The Christian Science Monitor "The work of a writer who is moving confidently to the forefront of contemporary American fiction." --The Miami Herald "The stories are all. . . detailed with expertise and frosted with elegance." --Kirkus Reviews
Product Details

Author: Gail Godwin

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Release Date: 1996-07-30

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0345389921

ISBN13: 9780345389923