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Echo After Echo

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Debuting on the New York stage, Zara is unprepared -- for Eli, the girl who makes the world glow; for Leopold, the director who wants perfection; or for death in the theater.

Zara Evans has come to the Aurelia Theater, home to the visionary director Leopold Henneman, to play her dream role in Echo and Ariston, the Greek tragedy that taught her everything she knows about love. When the director asks Zara to promise that she will have no outside commitments, no distractions, its easy to say yes. But its hard not to be distracted when theres a death at the theater -- and then another -- especially when Zara doesnt know if theyre accidents, or murder, or a curse that always comes in threes. Its hard not to be distracted when assistant lighting director Eli Vasquez, a girl made of tattoos and abrupt laughs and every form of light, looks at Zara. Its hard not to fall in love. In heart-achingly beautiful prose, Amy Rose Capetta has spun a mystery and a love story into an impossible, inevitable whole -- and cast lantern light on two young women, finding each other on a stage set for tragedy.
Product Details

Author: A. R. Capetta

Language: English


Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Candlewick

Release Date: 2017-10-10

Pages: 432

ISBN: 076369164X

ISBN13: 9780763691646