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EEG: A Novel

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In this breathtaking final work, Dasa Drndic reaches new heights. Andreas Bans suicide attempt has failed. Though very ill, he still finds the will to tap on the glass of history to summon those imprisoned within. Mercilessly, he dissects society and his environment, shunning all favors as he goes after the evils and hidden secrets of our times. History remembers the names of the perpetrators, not the victims--Ban remembers and honors the lost. He travels from Rijeka to Zagreb, from Belgrade to Tirana, from Parisian avenues to Italian castles. Ghosts follow him wherever he goes: chess grandmasters who disappeared during WWII; the lost inhabitants of Latvia; war criminals who found work in the CIA and died peacefully in their beds. Bans family is with him too, those already dead and those with one foot in the grave. As if left with only a few pieces in a chess game, Andreas Ban--and Dasa Drndic--play a stunning last match against Death.

Product Details

Author: Daa Drndic

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: New Directions

Release Date: 2019-04-30

Pages: 380

ISBN: 0811228487

ISBN13: 9780811228480