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"Wine & Philosophy" offers a collection of essays which explore a range of philosophical topics related to food; it joins "Food & Philosophy" and "Beer & Philosophy" in in the "Epicurean Trilogy." Essays are organized thematically and written by philosophers, wine writers, and winemakers. Chapters include, "The Art & Culture of Wine"; "Tasting & Talking about Wine"; "Wine & Its Critics"; "The Beauty of Wine"; "The Metaphysics of Wine"; and "The Politics & Economics of Wine" Essays are accessible to a general audience while at the same time covering some serious philosophical ground Incorporates traditional areas of philosophical study, including philosophy of language, philosophy of perception, aesthetics, metaphysics, ethics and political philosophy A great complimentary text to any guided-tour visit to the Napa Valley or other wineries
Product Details

Author: Joan Rivers, Richard Meryman

Language: English


Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Release Date: 1986-04-01

Pages: 398

ISBN: 0385294409

ISBN13: 9780385294409