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Eternal Life After Death

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The science of eternal life is related to the electromagnetic energy that our brain produces while we are living on earth. This energy concept is tied to the miracles that that Jesus Christ used to both influence and heal people. The energy that we create while living on earth is propagated at the speed of light in an ever increasing band without limit. As it is propagated, it defines the characteristics of all the components of the Universe according to the laws of science that relate the interaction of electromagnetic energy with those components.In addition, we share space with the energy of all the others who have lived on Earth and are aware of their entire life history! To predict what our energy will provide for us, the latest science on how our Universe was created is presented.This science serves as a base for what we will see as our energy propagates through the Universe and beyond, which is called the Infinitum. Because eternal life is for such am incomprehensible period of time, cosmic time is introduced, which suggests that trillions of years might seem like a day. God is defined to be the master of all scence, and in Gods capacity to control the Infinitum, an appreciation for how great God is extends far beyond what our past experience has suggested. This book follows the propagation of our energy through the Universe and beyond in light years.There are about 70 colorful photos to aid the description of what this will be like. The background science of our Universe is used to illustrate what universes beyond ours might be like. The Bible is used to confirm the science of the Infinitum and the vision of our electromagnetic energy as it relates to life after death,
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Author: Robert L. Parker

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Xulon Press

Release Date: 2014-05-29

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1498400183

ISBN13: 9781498400183