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Evil at the Heart of Capitalism

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Capitalism is in crisis! People are suffering, and the natural world is going to hell in a handcart. So long as they can get what they want, the richest 1% seems prepared to trash the environment and make others sacrifice anything. The whole purpose of civilisation has been bent to serve the interests of their Profit Machine, and we, the 99%, are pressed into service like slaves to keep their Profit Machine working. With increasing virulence, the capitalist system hunts down and demonises its scapegoats, blaming its victims for the horrors that it heaps upon them - the unemployed, the sick and disabled, the single parent - none are safe from its vile attacks. With unrestrained furious indignation, Daniel Miles, philosopher and activist, and Karl Gruber, maverick Christian minister, join in a quest to challenge the bad ideas that have led to the present global economic and social crises. From one key evil, the exploitation of the individual, all the other evils of our time flow forth in a sickening torrent.
Product Details

Author: Daniel Miles, Karl Gruber

Language: English


Binding: Paperback


Release Date: 2014-06-11

Pages: 176

ISBN: 129191482X

ISBN13: 9781291914825