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Fasting: The Ultimate Diet

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Your aura is the physical manifestation of your soul. You are already aware of this electro-magnetic energy, which is responsible for the good or bad "vibes" you get from other people. The aura's brightness, color & clarity denote various stages of peace, wellness & happiness. Science can measure it & even photograph it. The most astonishing fact of all is that anyone can learn to see auras in 60 seconds or less . This is the first book to show you how. When you improve your auric vision, you can actually see illness or disease in the aura before it manifests in the body. Once you master the basic techniques, you can use breathing & meditation to stabilize & increase your own auric energy. This book also reveals the auras of luminaries such as Jackie Onassis; Jerry Garcia; James Taylor; Al Gore, Sr.; & others.
Product Details

Author: Allan Cott

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Hastings House / Daytrips Publishers

Release Date: 2006-07-27

Pages: 284

ISBN: 0803893825

ISBN13: 9780803893825