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Finding Joy After Loss: My Seven-Step Journey of Transforming Grief into Joy

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Finding Joy After Loss is one womans journey to finding her joy after the tragic death of her husband, Patrick James McCarty. Patrick, a well-known natural healer in the macrobiotic world, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005. After three years of fighting cancer with both natural and Western medicine, he lost the fight. Two years after his death, Vashon began writing as a way to come to terms with their familys tragedy. With time, she discovered a path to her healing, and ultimately, she found a path to finding her Joy. Vashon discovered seven simple steps that helped her to find joy again. Along the way, she found that her joy had always been there, but it had been hidden by her grief. Come journey with Vashon as she discovers these steps and puts them to the test. In the end she finds something she never expected.
Product Details

Author: Vashon Marie Sarkisian

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Finding Joy After Loss

Release Date: 2012-11-23

Pages: 156

ISBN: 0615728693

ISBN13: 9780615728698