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Forty-Four Years, the Life of a Hunter: Being Reminiscences of Meshach Browning, a Maryland Hunter and Trapper

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Meshach Browning spent decades as a professional hunter and trapper of bears, boars and deer in rural Maryland during the early 1800s ? this is his story, in his own words. Born in modest circumstances, Browning grew up at a time when the USA as a nation was in its infancy, with much of the population living in rural areas. From his youth, the author vowed to be self-sufficient, leaving his home and first love to hone his hunting skills. Returning with money gained from selling pelts and meat, it is then that Meshach contemplates hunting as a career. The equipment the author used is much inferior to todays. Meshachs use of a musket gun ? whose reliability is demonstrated as poor in several instances ? leads him to rely on his skills in close quarters combat. On multiple hunts, described with stunning vividness in these pages, Brownings ability to battle animals in melee saves his life. Dangers of his trade are balanced by its lucrativeness: bear meat and pelt for instance fetched high prices.
Product Details

Author: Meshach Browning

Language: English


Binding: Paperback


Release Date: 2019-06-17

Pages: 238

ISBN: 0359733751

ISBN13: 9780359733750