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Getting Older - Moving Smarter: Walking and Running Tips

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What if your best days arent behind you? What if your future holds more than simply watching TV and snacking all day? What if you are still capable of achieving impressive physical feats?

It was questions like these that moved author Joe Sinclair to decide to become a marathon runner-after turning sixty-two. He soon accomplished his goal, but was disappointed to find himself an anomaly as an older runner. A firm believer that there is an athlete in all of us-regardless of age, shape, or body type-Sinclair is now passionate about encouraging others to not give in to a sedentary lifestyle.

While it is essential to do only what your body lets you do, the truth is that we are capable of a lot more than we think. Candidly addressing the challenges that face aging runners, Getting Older, Moving Smarter highlights variations you can use to adjust your walking or running routine to better suit you.

You can never be too old to start actively pursuing a healthier life. Joe believes that with just thirty minutes of cardio fitness a day, you can uncover a sprightlier you and experience the best years of your life. Why not start today?

Product Details

Author: Joe Sinclair

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 2015-01-21

Pages: 162

ISBN: 1502520710

ISBN13: 9781502520715