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Gifts of the Dark Wood: Seven Blessings for Soulful Skeptics (and Other Wanderers)

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Have you left the faith you used to have but dont know what to move toward? When you cant see the road ahead, do you feel lost and alone? Do you wish you had a group of companions willing to wander with you? Welcome to the Dark Wood. As you journey through the unknown, you may feel tempted, lost, and uncertain. Though commonly feared and avoided, these feelings of uncertainty can be your greatest assets on this journey because it is in uncertainty that we probe, question, and discover. According to the ancients, you dont need to be a saint or spiritual master to experience profound awakening and live with Gods presence and guidance. You need only to wander. In clear and lucid prose that combines the heart of a mystic, the soul of a poet, and the mind of a biblical scholar, Dr. Eric Elnes demystifies the seven gifts bestowed in the Dark Wood: the gifts of uncertainty, emptiness, being thunderstruck, getting lost, temptation, disappearing, and the gift of misfits. This is a book for anyone who feels awkward in their search for God, anyone who seeks to find holiness amid their holy mess, and anyone who prefers practicality to piety when it comes to finding their place in this world.
Product Details

Author: Eric Elnes

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Abingdon Press

Release Date: 2015-09-01

Pages: 240

ISBN: 1426794134

ISBN13: 9781426794131