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Gilded Wolves (The Gilded Wolves, 1)

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First in a "wildly inventive and wildly representative" (The New York Times Book Review) historical fantasy series, Roshani Chokshis The Gilded Wolves follows the exploits of a found family--six societal outcasts tasked with stealing a powerful artifact that can alter their lives for the better, but at the cost of breaking the world.

All eyes are on Paris where the Exposition Universelle World Fair is to be held. Hidden among the technological marvels and artistic creations on display is an item of unimaginable power--a Babel fragment that would enable those who wield it with magical Forging abilities over natures elements.

Sverin Montagnet-Alaries birthright was stolen from him. Now, to reclaim his rightful place among Frances elite, he must obtain the Babel fragment for the Order. It is a heist that will require the ingenuity and skills of those with nothing to lose and everything to gain: Enrique, a gifted historian and wordsmith, caught between two worlds; Zofia, a brilliant Forging artist and engineer, separated from her family; Hypnos, a rival aristocrat who needs an ally among the Order; Tristan, an extraordinary Forger raised at Sverins side, loyal to his adopted brothers quest; and Laila, the mysterious dancer and espionage artist who stole Sverins heart in a moment of vulnerability he couldnt afford.

But as the dangerous risks of their escapade surge, Sverin finds himself torn between his desire for revenge against all those who wronged him and the people hes deliberately placing in harms way--including the woman he loves and fears to lose...

"A masterpiece of imagination." --New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Garber

"Part political misadventure, part puzzle and thoroughly charming, with a band of rapscallions and a string of surprises." --New York Times bestselling author Holly Black

"[A] smart, dark adventure." --New York Times bestselling author Adrienne Young
Product Details

Author: Roshani Chokshi

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Wednesday Books

Release Date: 2020-09-22

Pages: 416

ISBN: 1250144558

ISBN13: 9781250144553