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Give Me My Father's Body: The Life of Minik, the New York Eskimo

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In his search for the North Pole at the turn of the twentieth century,the renowned Robert E. Peary, long celebrated as an icon of modern exploration, used the Eskimos of northwestern Greenland as the human resources for his expeditions. Sailing aboard a ship calledHopein 1897, Peary entered New York harbor with six Eskimos as his cargo. Depositing them with the American Museum of Natural History as live "specimens" to be poked, measured, and observed by the paying public, Peary abruptly abandoned any responsibility for their care. Four of the Eskimos died within a year. One managed to gain passage back to Greenland. Only the sixth, a boy of six or seven with a precociously solemn smile, remained, orphaned and adrift in a bewildering metropolis. His name was Minik. Here, a century after the fact, is his story.A searing true tale of extraordinary darkness told with intensity and vigilance,Give Me My Father's Bodyis Kenn Harper's absorbing, intricately documented account of ruthless imperialism in the name of science, of cruel deceptions and false burials, and of the short, strange, and tragic life of the boy known as the New York Eskimo.
Product Details

Author: Kenn Harper

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Washington Square Press

Release Date: 2001-02-27

Pages: 320

ISBN: 074341005X

ISBN13: 9780743410052