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Growing & Displaying Bonsai

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Part art, part horticulture, a properly shaped, trained, and potted bonsai becomes more beautiful with age. Covering every key technique and style, plus cultivation, maintenance, and display, these right-from-the-beginning basics go from root to leaf to bud--the entire lifecycle of a tree. In large, close-up photos, see how they grow, and how to buy and propagate them from seed or cutting. Trim, shape with wire, repot, root prune, and do summer pinching. Most spectacular are the displays, shown in incredibly detailed pictures, with information on preparing them, including choosing a pot. Successfully nurture a handsome, broom-style zelkova, with the branch patterns reflected in the surface root formations; a micro-forest on a slab, with depth and perspective; a simple, but wonderfully effective raft planting; and a dramatic-looking tree with its roots wrapped around a rock.
Product Details

Author: Colin Lewis, Neil Sutherland

Language: English


Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Sterling

Release Date: 1899-12-31

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0806976535

ISBN13: 9780806976532