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Hard Time: Locked Up Abroad (English Shaun Trilogy)

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"Makes the Shawshank Redemption look like a holiday camp" - NOTW

After a SWAT team smashed down stock-market millionaire Shaun Attwoods door, he found himself inside of Arizonas deadliest jail, locked into a brutal struggle for survival.

Shauns hope of living the American Dream turned into a nightmare of violence and chaos, when he had a run-in with Sammy the Bull Gravano, an Italian Mafia mass murderer.

In jail, Shaun was forced to endure cockroaches crawling in his ears at night, dead rats in the food and the sound of skulls getting cracked against toilets. He meticulously documented the conditions and smuggled out his message.

Join Shaun on a harrowing voyage into the darkest recesses of human existence. HARD TIME provides a revealing glimpse into the tragedy, brutality, dark comedy and eccentricity of prison life.

Featured worldwide on Nat Geo Channels Locked-Up/Banged-Up Abroad Raving Arizona.
Product Details

Author: Shaun Attwood

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 2016-11-30

Pages: 370

ISBN: 1540753808

ISBN13: 9781540753809