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Heaven and Hell: From Things Heard and Seen, A Book on Christian Life After Death; God, the Angels, and the Devil

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Emmanuel Swedenborgs guide to the afterlife, and the importance of the human connection to God, remains one of the most celebrated Enlightenment-era works on the subject. Originally published in Latin during the mid-18th century, Swedenborgs treatise contains rich allusions not merely to the realms of the afterlife, but also to the principles of Christianity. The nature of marriage, an argument against polygamy, and the concept of a spirit world, and how spiritual matters influence human will, are some of the notions raised by Swedenborg that render his thoughts enchanting. According to Swedenborg, the entirety of this text was inspired after he had received a divine revelation from God himself. This was simply the notion that God is the very essence of love in the universe, and that His divine force intends for every human being to go to heaven. He never descends into anger or hatred, and the traversal of every human spirit into heaven was His intention by the very act of Creation.
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Author: Emmanuel Swedenborg, John C. Ager

Language: English


Binding: Paperback


Release Date: 2018-08-13

Pages: 262

ISBN: 0359021565

ISBN13: 9780359021567