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HEAVENLY QUESTIONS, the first new collection of poems from Gjertrud Schnackenberg since her critically acclaimed The Throne of Labdacus, finds her at the height of her talents and showcases her continued growth as an artist. In six long poems, Schnackenberg's rhyme-rich blank verse, with its densely packed images, shifts effortlessly between the lyric and the epic, setting passion to a verbal music that is recognizably her own. An exceptional and moving new collection from one of the most talented American poets of our time, HEAVENLY QUESTIONS is a work of intellectual, aesthetic, and technical innovation - and, more than that, a deeply compassionate and strikingly personal work.
Product Details

Author: Gjertrud Schnackenberg

Language: English

Edition: (Edition: Reprint)

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Fsg Adult

Release Date: 2011-09-27

Pages: 76

ISBN: 0374533040

ISBN13: 9780374533045