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HEROES OF OLD: Heroes Series Book 1

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Henna is the daughter of a dark god and a mortal mother in the days before the great flood. Even as she journeys towards redemption, the darkness within her awaits its release. Noah ?o?Argentar is an average teenager from a small town in Arizona, but an invisible power is growing within him. A prophet named Peleg is the immortal leader of a small group of heroes known as The Faction. He has battled since the days of Noah, through the eras of the Prophets and the Crusades, right up to modern times ?but time is running out for monsters, demons, and heroes alike. As No is recruited by Peleg to join The Faction, he is introduced to a secret world beyond his wildest dreams; from teammates with amazing powers and mysterious origins to an enemy as old as the Tower of Babel. Millennia of mystery and intrigue, bloodshed and prophecy have culminated in this final incarnation of The Faction. Peleg must shape No into a man of courage and character to prepare him for the approaching battle.
Product Details

Author: Jay Young

Language: English

Edition: (Edition: 0)

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: iUniverse

Release Date: 2007-03-26

Pages: 200

ISBN: 0595436625

ISBN13: 9780595436620