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How the Light Gets In: A Lenten Project

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Forty stories that motivate the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire to educate the public.Forty prayers that inspire the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire to work for social justice.For centuries, the stories of African-Americans and people of color across our land have been hidden under a cloak of silence. As a result, we have known only part of the truth, and we have only been partly free. That is why stories and meditations like the ones captured along the New Hampshire Black Heritage Trail are so important. At last in our day, in the North and in the South and in every part of America, we are lifting the veil.This work of reclaiming and sharing lost histories may bring joy and may bring pain, but it is always holy. It is the only way to make the long journey from a fragmented humanity toward racial healing that leads to becoming Gods Beloved Community. The Reconciliation Commission of the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire reached out to the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire with an invitation to partner on a Lenten project. It was not immediately clear how a religious tradition would complement a historical interpretation of these forty events, but we agreed to collaborate.This book is our invitation to pause and reflect.The journey continues toward reconciliation and healing.The book includes forty stories prepared by BHTNH volunteer writers including: Valerie Cunningham, JerriAnne Boggis, Jody Fernald, Rev. Deborah Knowlton, Richard Alperin, Mary Jo Alibrio, Steve Fowle, J. Dennis Robinson, Eric Aldrich, Edith Butler, David Watters, Darryl Glenn Nettles, Reginald Pitts, Jeff Bolster, Arnie Alpert, Angela Matthews, and many others.Our partners from the Episcopal Church of NH were The Reverends Elsa Worth, Deacon Derek Scalia, Theresa Gocha, Hays Junkin, Canon Gail Avery (Canon for Transition and Community Engagement); Sooky Lassen, James McKim, Dana Dakin, Linda Douglas; The Reverends Zackary Harmon, Jamie Hamilton, Betsy Hess, Nancy Vogele (Chair of the Reconciliation Commission), Robert Stiefel, and Robert Stevens, Rector; The Rev. Anne Williamson, Associate Rector; The Rev. Nathan Bourne, Curate; The Right Rev. Robert Hirschfeld; and Bishop of the Episcopal Church of NH, Lynn Eaton, Assistant to the Bishop."So keep telling the story, keep speaking truth, keep reclaiming the past until it is redeemed by the creation of a new future. Then all will one day know, as St. Paul said, the joyful liberty of the children of God." -- Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church.
Product Details

Author: JerriAnne Boggis

Language: English


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Great Life Press

Release Date: 2019-09-23

Pages: 120

ISBN: 1938394356

ISBN13: 9781938394355